Bouncyfy Bounce Houses

Gold Bouncer

🎉 Elevate Your Celebration 🎉 Turn your wedding into an enchanting wonderland with Bouncyfy Inflatable Rentals! Create joyful memories with our charming inflatables and add a playful twist to your special day. 💕

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White Bouncer

🏰 Picture-Perfect Moments 🏰 Capture candid laughter and magical moments! Our elegant inflatables make for stunning photo backdrops, giving your wedding album an extra touch of magic. 📸

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What is Bouncyfy?

Bouncyfy is an upscale bounce house rental company located in North Carolina specializing in high end bouncer rentals. We understand that you need convenience and speed when you are looking for a rental. Our aesthetically pleasing bouncers will make a great addition to your next event, party, or celebration. 

Our process

Select the dates you need (instant availability)

Pick the inflatable you like (best in class)

Pay a small deposit (smallest in the industry)

Pickup or be onsite for delivery and setup! (delivery within 50 miles of Raleigh is free!)

No more waiting on return emails from other companies who may or may not be able to quote you. You can see our availablity instantly! 

Bouncyfy allows for you to quickly see if the inflatable is available, reserve it online instantly, sign our terms and conditions, drop your deposit, and that's it!

Need to talk first?

No problem. Use the contact form to let us know what you are thinking or how we can help you in any way!