Where is Bouncyfy located and what's the rental range?

Bouncyfy is a Veteran owned small business located in Garner NC. Our rental range is 50 miles radius from downtown Raleigh for free delivery and setup. Anything outside of the range will incure a delivery cost. 

What does a "day" mean in terms of rental time?

Our pricing is per day or 24 hour period. If the inflatable is available you can select your start time that starts the clock. The latest you can return an inflatable or have it picked up is the same time you picked from checkout the next day without being charged for another day.

What is the deposit?

Bouncyfy collects a 10% non-refundable deposit. This is the lowest in the industry and helps secure your inflatable for your big event!

What about Cancellations?

Bouncyfy collects a nonrefundable deposit on our equipment rentals for your choice of dates. In the event you need to cancel we will cancel the remaining order and Bouncyfy will keep the deposit.

What if I need to change dates?

In the event that you need to change dates due to weather or other issues that may arise we will do our best to work with you to ensure that you get the equipment you have reserved. In the event that we can't facilitate the date change we will help you select another date if possible.

Am I liable for any damages to Bouncyfy Inflatables?

In the event that any Bouncyfy gear is damaged outside of normal wear and tear as determined by Bouncyfy staff you will be held liable for repair or replacement costs.

Does the cost of the Bouncyfy inflatable include pickup and delivery?

Yes! Delivery fees are free if you fall within our zone of delivery which is a 50 mile radius from our warehousing facility. You may elect to pick up the Bouncyfy rental yourself for free. You will need approximately 8ftx6ftx4ft of space and account for around 300 pounds of gear. When your event is over and you elected delivery one of our associates will come and pickup the Bouncyfy equipment. Please make sure all equipment has been cleaned and returned in the manner it was delivered.

What about cleanliness?

Bouncyfy prides itself on having the highest quality rentals. We clean and sanitize all of our rentals after use and require that rentals are returned in cleaned condition minus normal wear and tear.

Does it need to stay plugged in?

Yes! Bouncyfy rentals must stay plugged in for the duration of use. Do not use Bouncyfy equipment while it is being inflated or deflated.

How big our Bouncyfy Inflatables?

Bouncyfy inflatables are a minimum of 18ftx18ftX12ft in size and require at a minimum 20ftx20ft to be setup and used safely and to the enjoyment of your guests. 

What surfaces can we place Bouncyfy Inflatables on?

Bouncyfy inflatables can be setup on grass, concrete, or inside your venue if needed. 

Do I need to be there when you deliver our Bouncyfy Inflatable?

Yes! We need you or someone you authorize to be present when we deliver your Bouncyfy rental.

Do you offer local pickup instead of delivery?

Yes! You may elect local pickup at checkout by not choosing the delivery option in the shopping cart and will be given instructions to our warehousing facility. You will need approximately 8ftx6ftx4ft of space and account for around 300 pounds of gear. You will need two people. 

Rental Agreement & Liability Waiver & Insurance

You will need to check the box during checkout that you have reviewed and agree to the Bouncyfy Rental Agreement & Liability waiver before we deliver your rental or you pick it up. Once your rental order has been placed we will email you a copy for your records. Bouncyfy, LLC is fully insured up to $1,000,000. A copy of our certificate of coverage can be provided upon request. 

Still have questions?

Use the contact form to ask us your questions. Someone will reach out as soon as possible to help you!